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My Story

Hey, there. I am Dana, founder of The Vision Virtual Services.


Building a business is an adventure. You take your idea, nurture it, pour your heart into it until it starts to grow and flourish. But growing YOUR business doesn't come with a how-to manual of what to do next or the perfect team.  

You should know right from the beginning, you can't do it alone.

I jumped at the chance to help my husband build his business and do "all the things" entrepreneurs do- marketing, scaling, automation, HR, and the day to day operations that keep the ship running!   I loved the challenge, finding solutions and the constant learning that came with the adventure.


What I didn't know was I would find such a love for these things.


And so became the idea for my business. I wanted to help others doing what I love! I want to help YOU have a creative, passionate, trustworthy team that will be there when you need us. Let's partner together and get you off the ever running hamster wheel you are running on.

Life and running a business should not feel chaotic.

And well...if it does we can help!


Danna,  Business Accelerator Coach & Founder of The Pace Woman

I showed my husband all the work you did and he was so impressed. Thank you for all your help and outstanding work! You are awesome!

Michelle, Owner of MMK Realty

Dana is a real asset for any position requiring true professionalism and talent. She comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Jim, CEO of TX AeroVentures

Dana's knowledge about systems, marketing and small business are from her hands on experience. I trust her with any aspect of my business and know I will get results.

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Our clients' needs are at the forefront of our minds in everything we do.

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