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The Real Benefits of Using a VA

I was driving on a warm day and listening to podcasts. I am not sure how this got in my queue but the podcast was about the best person an entrepreneur should hire and why.

Low and behold, the suggestion was a high-level virtual assistant. I immediately listened up!

Three well-established business owners and executives discussed how they cannot live without their assistants. Now, why did these professionals feel having an assistant would be the best first hire?

Here's the scoop for you!

Real Benefits of Using a VA

Number 1: Time Savers

Assistants are able to get in and do all the things that suck time out of your day. Travel, invoicing, follow up phone calls, data entry, research, composing emails... I will just stop. As a business owner, you should spend your time where you can get the best return and let someone else help you get the day to day done.

How many times have you ended the day and felt like you could not do all the things you wanted to?

When you have someone assisting with all the "little things," you can get back to working on productive, money-making strategic activities you LOVE.

Number 2: Stop doing work you HATE!

If you are great at sales and know your product, why spend time doing things you really don't care to do? A great assistant can make your travel arrangements, schedule your appointments, prepare your itinerary, plan social media posts and more.

And all the assistants aren't created equally! Higher-level assistants, or online business managers, like myself, have the experience in manage projects, support customers, create systems, onboard clients & new employees, develop a social media strategy and other tasks that you may not enjoy as much.

Stay in your zone of genius and get someone to support you so you can do what you LOVE!

Number 3: Time is Money

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a young manager is to look at the cost of where you are spending your time.

You could spend 10 hours a week doing lower-level work that you or you could hand that off to an assistant for $35 dollars an hour... let's calculate it.

YOU: 10 hours x $100 an hour or more... = $1000 x 52 weeks...$52,000 a year

YOUR ASSISTANT: 5 hours x $35 an hour = $175 x 52 weeks... $9,100 a year

There is a huge difference here.

So if you are ready to stop doing work you hate, save time and make more money it just might be time to hire a virtual assistant or online business manager!

Are you ready?

I'll be writing more in the future on how to work with a virtual team as I have been doing so for over 6 years.

Stay tuned for more on my blog as I share tips on working with VAs.

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